George Mukkath

Photo of George Mukkath

After a seven-year stint as a Company Director in a large international consulting company, I joined BRAC in November 2021 to manage and support partnerships with UK and European bilateral agencies. My role includes providing strategic advice, maintaining close working relationships and effective communication with bilateral agencies and other relevant stakeholders. I have more than 30 years of management and development experience including the management and delivery of multi-country and regional development programmes. In the recent past, I have also held the role of Project Director for several large FCDO/DFID funded multi-million pound programmes.

I have had the privilege of working in several different countries across Europe, Asia and Africa and I enjoy interacting and working with communities, government agencies, NGOs and private sector organisations. Some of the areas of my expertise are natural resource management, climate adaptation, agriculture value chains and child rights. BRAC being a southern led Global NGO offers a unique opportunity to share my experiences and be part of a family that is addressing some of the most pressing problems facing the worlds poor.