BRAC UK's 2022 Annual Report

BRAC is an international development organisation founded in Bangladesh in 1972 that partners with over 100 million people living with inequality and poverty to create opportunities to realise their potential. BRAC is known for its community-led, holistic approach and delivering long-term impact at scale. BRAC works with communities in marginalised situations, hard-to-reach areas and post-disaster settings across Asia and Africa, with a particular focus on women and children.

BRAC UK was founded in 2006 and provides vital support for BRAC’s development work around the world through fundraising, communications and thought leadership, building impactful, long term relationships with partners, whether they be foundations, companies, Governments or major donors. BRAC UK also plays a key role engaging with and influencing policy makers and practitioners to tackle extreme poverty.

Below is a summary of BRAC UK's 2022 Annual Report. To read the full version of the report click here.


In 2022, BRAC celebrated our 50th birthday. It’s a remarkable story of how our founder, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, inspired a unique organisation that has changed the lives of tens of millions of poor and marginalised people in Bangladesh. In the last two decades, BRAC has taken that learning to ten other countries across Asia and Africa, and our distinctive ultra-poor graduation approach is now being taken up by a growing number of developing country governments around the world.

– Ken Caldwell, Chair of Trustees, BRAC UK


It has been a truly historic year for BRAC, marking 50 years since Sir Fazle Hasan Abed founded the organisation in Bangladesh. This milestone would not have been possible without the contributions made by our staff, volunteers, partners, donors, and participants.

– Lewis Temple, Chief Executive, BRAC UK



Areas of work

Ultra-Poor Graduation

We equip people living in extreme poverty—those living on less than $1.90 a day—with the tools, skills, and support to escape the poverty trap. Through our pioneering, proven Ultra-Poor Graduation approach, participants unlock their potential and lift themselves out of poverty.

Ultra-Poor Graduation

Climate Change

We provide people with access to the tools and knowledge to adapt and respond to adverse climatic impacts and adopt sustainable practices. Our integrated approach to addressing climate change impacts is using locally led adaptation and mitigation measures through BRAC’s social development programme initiatives. Our work protects resources, improves quality of life, and builds awareness about the environment in rural and urban communities. We provide people with access to the tools and knowledge to adapt and respond to adverse climatic impacts and adopt sustainable practices.

Climate Change


Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn. That’s why we serve more than a million children in the most vulnerable communities with quality education. To spark potential and power children to succeed, our cradle-to-career approach involves early childhood education programmes, low-cost and high-quality primary schools, scholarships for secondary and tertiary education, and vocational and skills training.


Youth empowerment

Empowered youth can harvest endless possibilities. By providing safe spaces, teaching life skills, inspiring self-belief, and creating economic opportunities, we empower young people to break the cycle of poverty and unlock their full potential.

Youth empowerment

Health Care

We make health systems stronger and deliver care in the most vulnerable communities. With a particular focus on keeping mothers, babies, and young children healthy, our community health workers deliver care directly to families at home to prevent malnutrition, treat diseases, and save lives.

Health Care

mother and child care


We invest in the ability of small-scale farmers to grow more food, earn more income, and build secure businesses, with a focus on women and youth. We address the root causes and barriers to help communities solve their own problems and reduce the risk of climate change and economic shocks.


Farmer in Liberia

Financial inclusion

We ensure that the most vulnerable people can access financial services that help them manage crises, grow their assets, and invest in businesses to escape poverty. Our microfinance and mobile banking services are tailored to reach vulnerable women, farmers, youth, migrant workers, and small business owners to expand opportunities and increase self-reliance.

Financial inclusion

Humanitarian response

Effective solutions that help communities withstand and recover from natural disasters, conflict, and health threats are more important than ever. We partner with people in crisis to help them survive and build back better in the long term. We are responding to COVID-19 on the front lines in 11 countries, and meeting the urgent needs of those affected by the Rohingya refugee crisis in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Humanitarian response

A flood in Bangladesh after severe rains.

Social enterprises

Our social enterprises create opportunities to help communities lift themselves out of poverty while generating revenue that strengthens BRAC’s capacity to benefit people and the planet. They support small business owners, generate livelihood opportunities, and fill market gaps that create barriers for people living in poverty.

Social enterprises

The artisans of Aarong


Total Income: £5,233,696

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Corporate donations


Total Expenditure: £5,425,925







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