December 28, 2022

BRAC suspends operations in Afghanistan


28th December, 2022

BRAC has suspended operations in Afghanistan following a directive from the government barring women from working in non-government organisations. The ban was announced on 24 December, coming days after an order for universities to suspend classes for women until further notice.

Women working in non-government organisations in Afghanistan have been at the forefront of delivering essential services to communities across the country. Over half of BRAC’s staff in Afghanistan are women. Without them, we cannot reach women and girls living in poverty, depriving those most at risk from accessing vital support.

Many non-government organisations have similarly suspended their operations in Afghanistan. The exclusion of women staff members obstructs the delivery of critical humanitarian and development interventions, and undermines the fundamental right of women to work.

BRAC International’s Executive Director, Shameran Abed remarked: “Our work in Afghanistan cannot continue without the majority of our nearly 2,000 colleagues around the country – heroic women who have dedicated their lives to empowering other women and girls. We have suspended operations in Afghanistan until they can all resume work safely”.

BRAC International is a non-government organisation operating in 16 countries across Asia and Africa, enabling large-scale, transformative change by empowering women and their families to overcome poverty. It has been operating in Afghanistan since 2002, and is currently present in 19 out of 34 provinces with programmes in education, health and livelihoods.