June 19, 2022

BRAC responds to unprecedented flooding in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been hit by unprecedented flooding, which is likely to be the worst in decades. Close to 4 million people are directly affected already and the numbers are getting worse by the hour with more record breaking rainfall predicted. There is no electricity in some areas and mobile networks and Internet services have been disrupted. With shops and fields underwater, there is a shortage of dry foods, as well as clean water.

Immediate Needs

  • Transport to safety from flooded areas
  • Shelter
  • Access to safe drinking water
  • Food
  • Medical supplies
  • Sanitation facilities in shelter centers

How BRAC is responding

BRAC is on the ground providing emergency support for those most affected, prioritising saving lives and protecting the most vulnerable. BRAC has been working tirelessly alongside the government to provide assistance to those most affected by the flooding by providing relief packages of dry food, safe drinking water, oral saline and essential medicines.

BRAC has launched a fundraising appeal to raise 1.8 million GBP needed to aid 80,000 families with life saving support, particularly clean water, food, medicines and other essentials for the next month.

We would be so grateful if you would consider supporting BRACs work at this critical time. Your support would ensure we can reach the most vulnerable affected by the flooding. You can donate or start your own fundraising page through our campaign on Just Giving

Please also share within your networks to help us raise awareness of the situation and the size of the need.