Community health workers


BRAC’s health, nutrition and population programme has a network of 106,000 health workers — big enough to rival government health programmes in some countries. There are two types of health workers — shasthya shebikas and shasthya kormis.

The kormis are paid and work under the health programme’s various projects and components. They are responsible for facilitating health check-ups and leading health forums in their community. Working under each kormi is a network of 10 shebikas, who work on a volunteer basis. Equipped with a bag of healthcare items, the shebikas sell them door-to-door at affordable prices.

This way they can make a sustainable income while helping others in their community. The items cost between BDT 0.29 (less than a penny!) to BDT 185.00 (about USD 2.30), and the sanitary napkins and delivery kits sold are produced by one of BRAC’s own social enterprises. Health workers visit about 250 households per month, reaching 120 million across Bangladesh.”