“My name is Margret Amoyit and I am a registered nursing officer and mother of three. I used to work as a chemist’s assistant, but always dreamed of having my own healthcare centre. I joined BRAC’s microfinance programme as a member in 2009.

Since joining as a microfinance client, I have been able to start thinking of setting up my own business.

I took my first loan of UGX 400,000 (£90) with which I rented two rooms and bought medicine. I was able to make profit from selling the medicine. With the profit, I paid off all the instalments and began to build my savings. I began to practice as a physician at my small clinic where I treated patients and provided medicine.

In 2010, I took my second loan of UGX 600,000 (£136). With the amount in my savings and the second loan, I was able to buy three beds for the second room of the clinic. During the next three years, I took five loans totalling to UGX 8 million (USD 2,911). I bought two plots of land in Kaliro town. In one of the plots, I constructed a seven-room clinic, bought delivery beds and employed 10 people. I want to reach out to more people in my community and plan to expand my clinic in the near future.

Besides working at my healthcare centre, I also provide midwifery services in my community. I have been able to educate my three children and I can also provide support to my close relatives when they need help. In 2013, I won the Citi micro-entrepreneurship silver award. I won a cash prize of UGX 7.5 million (£2,000).”