“My name is Farida and I am 19 years old. I am a resident of Kabul. I completed my education till class 12 and now teach in a BRAC community-based school (CBS) in Kabul city.

My father does not have a full time job but occasionally drives a car. I take care of the entire family. I began work with BRAC five years ago and this is my first job. I consider myself lucky to be able to work.

Before I joined BRAC, our financial condition was not stable. The little income from my father’s occasional driving was not enough for my family. In 2009 I was selected as a teacher. I needed this job so that I could financially support my family.

Now, my monthly income is AFN 3,800 (£43)’. I can now support my family, meet their daily needs and pay for their
educational expenses of my younger siblings. I am determined to complete my higher education as I believe that it will enable me to find a better job.

As a teacher, I work very hard and always receive appreciation from my father. I use various teaching methodologies and engage myself with my students in co-curricular activities. I make sure all the students understand the lessons that I deliver in the classroom.

Working as a teacher is respectable. I enjoy teaching as BRAC staff is very cooperative. People in my community respect me as I am helping in their children’s education.”