“My name is Christiana and I have benefitted from the manoshi project in Portee slum community, Sierra Leone.

Prior to the arrival of BRAC manoshi project, the community lacked awareness on the importance of maternity care. After the project was launched, community health workers (CHW) of manoshi went door-to-door to raise awareness.

One day Zaiyei, a maternal and child health nurse, and Mariatu, a CHW paid me a surprise visit and advised me to visit the nearby clinic for antenatal check-up. I was happy to visit the clinic; the staff of the clinic were very

Since then the CHW did regular follow-ups. When I was nine months pregnant, I went to the clinic as part of a regular check-up. The nurse examined me and informed me that I needed an operation. In the clinic there were no caesarean facilities so I was referred to one of the major hospitals for an operation.

The hospital I was referred to had standard treatment facilities. The nurses and CHW from manoshi also called and enquired about my health and ensured that I received proper care. Finally, I was operated safely and on time.

The operation was successful and I gave birth to a healthy baby. Even after the birth of my child I received support from manoshi staff and received emergency health support.

I thank BRAC manoshi project for its timely referral and the necessary healthcare support it provided for me
and my child.”