June 07, 2022

BRAC provides essential support for Sitakunda fire survivors

A huge fire blazed through a storage facility 40km from Bangladesh’s main sea port of Chittagong on Satruday 4th June, killing and injuring many.  According to the BBC, “the fire broke out at around 21:00 local time  and hundreds of firefighters, police and volunteers quickly arrived on the scene. As they tried to extinguish the blaze , there was a huge explosion rocked the site, engulfing many of the rescuers in flames and throwing debris and people into the air.”

BRAC staff are currently on the ground providing essential supplies and conducting a needs assessment. So far the BRAC team has provided dry food and drinking water and purchased medicine for those who have no relatives nearby.

Many of the injured people’s relatives have not been told about the fire, so the BRAC team is working to identify their relatives and alert them. Thousands of blood donors, including 800 BRAC staff, are already registered and waiting to donate blood to support those who are critically injured.

People are in immediate need of life saving support, especially medicine. The BRAC team will continue to assess the needs of people affected, both short and long term. We will continue to provide essential support.