End Child Poverty Coalition: Working together to eradicate child poverty

End Child Poverty Coalition: Working together to eradicate child poverty

BRAC is proud to be a member of the End Child Poverty Coalition, who yesterday launched a new website to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Child poverty is now explicitly included in the globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals requiring routine monitoring and action by every country in the world, richer and poorer. The coalition is an alliance of over twenty like-minded organizations united in their fight to end child poverty globally. They aim to raise awareness about children living in poverty across the world and support global and national action to alleviate it. Members work together as part of the Coalition, as well as individually, to achieve a world where all children grow up free from poverty, deprivation and exclusion.

The coalition also supports the UN and aims to work with national, regional and global decision-makers, global campaigners, international organizations, civil society, and other institutions to end child poverty as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. They have also released a solutions paper, ‘Putting children first: A policy agenda to end child poverty,’ which draws on evidence and the experience of over 20 organisations working together in the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty. This briefing outlines key building blocks for how countries can address child poverty and offers evidence and experience to support national discussion on the best policy options for children.

According to the Chief Executive of BRAC UK, Lewis Temple, ‘BRAC is working tirelessly to end child poverty as part of our mission to create opportunities for the world’s poor. For example, we have helped over 10 million children into mainstream education, giving them the best possible chance of success. Through the coming together of like-minded organisations that make up the coalition, we aim to bring about the end of child poverty.’

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