Driving Development: A Story of BRAC’s Evolution and Effectiveness

Driving Development: A Story of BRAC’s Evolution and Effectiveness

A new book by senior professionals at BRAC’s Research and Evaluation Division is now available.

Bangladesh is a development success story. The country sustained economic growth averaging 6.7 percent per year over the last decade, while also making remarkable advances towards social indicators such as dramatically reducing infant and maternal mortality and food insecurity.

In driving such socio-economic development in Bangladesh over the last forty years or so, BRAC has played a pivotal role in supporting government initiatives as well as pursuing programmes of its own. BRAC is now 45 years old and this watershed moment provided an opportunity to reflect on the last four decades. More importantly, the aim is to look ahead at the challenges that may be confronted by BRAC.

This book describes the evolution of development services created by BRAC, including the mistakes and the lessons learnt. Partnerships with the government, the corporate sector, other civil society organisations, and the development sector were crucial in creating BRAC’s journey. This book is an edited volume of contributions made by insiders who were intimately involved in studying the programmes and assessing the impacts. Get your copy here.

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