Safeguarding Summit: Putting people first

Safeguarding Summit: Putting people first

London, 18th October

At today’s Safeguarding Summit organised by the Department for International Development (DFID), BRAC committed to improving safeguarding processes as part of our mission to build a fairer world, free from poverty, inequality and injustice. Zulfikar Hyder, Chief People Officer at BRAC and Lewis Temple, Chief Executive of BRAC UK, attended the summit on behalf of BRAC.

The summit galvanised the support of more than 500 delegates from across the international aid community to commit to a “root to branch” change in the way the sector operates.

At the landmark International summit, DFID welcomed delegates from the United Nations, World Bank Group, international financial institutions, research organisations, survivors and NGOs who all agreed to sign up to tough global standards to stop sexual predators abusing vulnerable people around the world.

All the major international donors – covering 90 per cent of global aid – today committed to worldwide standards on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse. These standards cover ethical behaviour, recruitment and complaints processes.

They will be backed up by stronger due diligence processes, better project monitoring, and tougher language in funding agreements. Donors will also publish relevant information about allegations and confirmed cases and will be subject to regular independent review by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The commitments announced by different groups representing the sector focused on four key themes:

  • Preventing sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment from happening in the first place.
  • Pledging to listen to those who have been affected.
  • Removing and addressing barriers to reporting sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.
  • Learning more quickly in future, as new evidence and opportunities emerge.

As part of Bond, the UK network for organisations working in international development, BRAC UK and other like-minded Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have worked to improve our safeguarding policies and practices. At the summit, Bond announced the commitment of NGO’s to drive change in safeguarding in four areas:

  • Survivor support and enhanced accountability.
  • Cultural change.
  • Minimum standards.
  • Organisational capacity and capability.

Lewis Temple, Chief Executive of BRAC UK, said that “attendance at this event demonstrated that BRAC really is Putting People First. It was a thought provoking event and we have a lot more work to do as a sector to genuinely ensure that no harm comes to any one that we come into contact with, be they staff, volunteers or the people we serve.”


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